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PANDEM Synergy

PANDEM Synergy

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Pandem (10% Dilution) 10ml Roll-On Bottle 

*Boosts the immune system and fights bacteria and viruses 

*Apply to the neck or the hollow of the arms 

*Can also be applied under the soles of the feet

Botanical name : 

Simmondsias chinensis ( jojoba oil ) 

Eucalyptus radiata ( Eucalyptus officinale- radiata ) 

Eucalyptus globulus ( Globular Eucalyptus ) 

Abies balsemea ( Balsam fir ) 

Laurus nobilis ( Holy laurel ) 

Melaleuca cajeputii ( Cajeput ) 

Rosmarinus cineoliferum ( Rosemary officinale 1.8 cineol ) 

Melaleuca quinquenervia ( Niaouli ) 

Cinnamomum camphora ssp cineoliferum ( Ravintsara ) 

Eugenia caryophyllata ( Clove ) 

Cinnamosma fragrans ( Saro ) 

Thymus ma ( Spanish marjoram ) 


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