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PALMAROSA essential oil

PALMAROSA essential oil

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Cymbopogon martinii

Palmarosa regulates sebum and excessive sweating.

Its richness in aromatic aldehydes and its sweet floral fragrance reduce irritability, stress, restlessness and hyperemotivity in general.

Close to the rose for its scent, the palmarosa brings softness and tempers emotional excesses: anger, stress, resentment, guilt.

Freed, the mind calms down and softens in the face of the responsibilities it faces.

It easily replaces any deodorant, its effectiveness lasts largely all day, including in the middle of summer. It moderates perspiration but above all, opposes any development of bad odors.

It contains extremely antifungal components, and treats fungal infections of the skin and genital organs or intestines well. But use it on the short term, because it is slightly acidifying. So, by force, on the contrary, it helps a mycosis to re-establish itself.

It is irreplaceable for skin problems, whatever they are (acne, eczema, scabs, bedsores, chilblains, etc.)

It effectively fights against dandruff.

It stimulates the nervous system (toning)

She is painkiller.


Prohibited during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

The information on this website comes from aromatherapy reference sources and is offered for informational purposes only. They can in no way constitute a diagnosis, nor replace professional medical advice, nor engage the responsibility of ZAYAT AROMA. For any therapeutic use of the products, please refer to a health professional. 


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