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TRUE LAVENDER essential oil

TRUE LAVENDER essential oil

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Lavandula angustifolia

Its properties at the PHYSICAL level:  

*Anti-inflammatories, analgesics (painkillers), sedatives, and antispasmodics: cough, asthma, bronchitis, muscle pain (cramps, contracture...), anti-migraine 

*Anti-infectious, antiseptic and healing for all skin problems (allergies, wounds, eczema, acne, burns, psoriasis, bites, itching...) 

*Spasmolytics at the central level, regulates the nervous system, recommended for babies (colic), but also for its sedative properties 

*To soothe heart problems (palpitations, hypertension, arrhythmias...) 

*Poor circulation (oedema, phlebitis, arteritis...), slightly anticoagulant, it tends to thin the blood, facilitating circulation. 

* Good general tonic, it supports the heart and “calm”. It lowers blood pressure. 

Its properties at the PSYCHO-EMOTIONAL level: 

* Calms and soothes, remedies sleep disorders in most cases (difficulty falling asleep, for example in children, or related to a childhood fear) 

* Decreases the level of stress and anxiety, disorders of nervous origin (insomnia, nervousness, migraine, dizziness, etc.) 

*Rebalances, cleans and purifies 

*Helps to develop peace and self-confidence 

Its uses: 

-It can be used in all infectious situations or pain: flu, wounds, headaches, anxiety, insomnia... 

-We will use it to purify the body and the spirit (dilute in the bath at the end of the day) 

-We can put a few drops on the pillow and on the heart to be sure to sleep well when we are restless 

-It can be inhaled in case of food poisoning or colic 

-In case of anxiety and heart palpitations, diffuse lavender or massage the solar plexus, mixing it with a vegetable oil 

-To soothe people who lack confidence or are stressed 



The information on this website comes from aromatherapy reference sources and is offered for informational purposes only. They can in no way constitute a diagnosis, nor replace professional medical advice, nor engage the responsibility of ZAYAT AROMA. For any therapeutic use of the products, please refer to a health professional. 


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