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Aromatic essence BERGAMOT

Aromatic essence BERGAMOT

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(Citrus bergamia aurantium)

Its properties at the PHYSICAL level: 

* Digestive (for disorders often related to stress) 

*Calming (in case of stress, fears, insomnia) 

*Analgesics, antibacterials, antifungals 

 Its properties at the PSYCHO-EMOTIONAL level: 

*Allows you to feel joy, helps in depressive states, seasonal depression 

* Helps to get rid of addictions (smoking, drugs, alcohol, food, and emotional) 

 Its uses: 

It is the oil of good humor par excellence. It allows you to free yourself from feelings of guilt and to experience pleasure in the little things. 

You have to diffuse it in the air, use it as a spray and smell it regularly in case of stress, to relax. 

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