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Bain et bulles savonnerie artisanale



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A perfect shampoo for grey, white, cool or ash blond hair with Nila powder (blue indigo), activated charcoal, Moroccan clay (Ghassoul), moringa powder, allantoin, marshmallow powder etc... to wash the hair in gently without attacking them.

Suitable for all hair types, even oily hair.

Ideal for enhancing the shine of your hair, facilitating brushing or detangling. Rich in inulin, coats your hair and very advantageously replaces silicones. Its smoothing effect allows it to fight against hair that tends to frizz by giving it shape, without making it greasy or weighing it down.

Solid shampoos are made differently compared to bar shampoos, which are gentle and non-aggressive.

In the long run you will probably be able to let it go but at first it may take 4-8 washes before the hair is completely free of the chemicals that commercial shampoos can leave on your hair.

Cleanses without leaving residues, gives volume and flexibility to the hair. Suitable for normal, fine, dry hair and sensitive scalp.

Use varies from 80 to 180 washes depending on the format chosen. The color of the soap can vary and darken over time also can vary according to the color of the ingredients and the productions. We do not add any coloring to our shampoos. The small format will last more than 4 months for short hair. It lasts a long time if well kept away from water and well dried between uses. We stop foaming with the soap and we finish with the fingers so as not to use the soap unnecessarily.

Several choices of natural smell made with essential oils as well as fragrances without contraindication for pregnant and breastfeeding women and young children.

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