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Essential oil YLANG YLANG totum and extra

Essential oil YLANG YLANG totum and extra

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Cananga odorata genuine

Ylang-ylang, a flower with a bewitching fragrance originating from Madagascar, is the flower of love.

Traditionally used in the South Pacific islands for its aphrodisiac virtues, it awakens feminine sensuality and predisposes to love.

On an emotional level, Ylang-ylang essential oil is a precious ally in times of stress to help lower nervous tension and blood pressure.

It will also do wonders in a neutral shampoo to fortify dull and tired hair.

In case of stress or palpitation, inhale it directly from the bottle or pour a few drops into a massage oil for a relaxing massage.

This essential oil of Ylang-ylang, certified organic, balances the production of sebum, therefore very suitable for acne-prone or oily skin.

Integrated into a vegetable oil or butter, it also very well relieves insect bites and irritated skin in general.

Added to a shampoo or conditioner, it gives hair shine and fights dandruff.

Ylang-ylang flower essential oil is said to be an aphrodisiac and works well as a perfume or added to a sensual massage oil.

Slightly hypotensive and nervous balancing, it promotes feelings of euphoria and stirs the joy of living.

The information on this website comes from aromatherapy reference sources and is offered for informational purposes only. They can in no way constitute a diagnosis, nor replace professional medical advice, nor engage the responsibility of ZAYAT AROMA. For any therapeutic use of the products, please refer to a health professional. 

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