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ROMAN CHAMOMILE essential oil

ROMAN CHAMOMILE essential oil

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Chamaemelum nobile


*It is the plant par excellence for calming, digesting and sleeping. 

*It has antispasmodic, sedative and relaxing properties (stress, nervous shock, insomnia, trauma). 

* Analgesics (neuralgia, dental pain) 

* Relieves menstrual pain and premenstrual symptoms, as well as menopause (with Sage officinalis) 

*Treats skin irritations. 

* Relieves all kinds of pain in newborns: teething, colic, irritated skin, restless sleep. 

At the PSYCHO-EMOTIONAL level : 

*Help in case of depression, bad mood or negativity. 

*Also helps in case of emotional, physical or psychic tensions. 

* In massage on the solar plexus in case of anger, stress or emotional overflow. 

* In massage of the temples and the heart to find a feeling of well-being in periods of depression 


It is even the ideal oil for future mothers, babies and children. 

The information on this website comes from aromatherapy reference sources and is offered for informational purposes only. They can in no way constitute a diagnosis, nor replace professional medical advice, nor engage the responsibility of ZAYAT AROMA. For any therapeutic use of the products, please refer to a health professional.



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